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Details of the Independiente 2023/2024 Puma  jersey

The Puma jersey of Independiente 2023/2024 is inspired by the jersey the club wore when they won their first world title in 1973, although that one had some white details, such as the cuffs and collar. This one is entirely red, with white only used for the sponsors, the Puma logo, names, and numbers.

The jersey is available in the club's online store ( and at the Puma store in Argentina ( Neither of these two official selling sites currently offers the option of customization.

As for the sponsors, the main one in the central front area is "JELUZ". On the back, we have "KANJI" in the upper area and "PARDO" in the lower area.

About the sponsors:

  • JELUZ: JELUZ is a renowned Argentine brand specialized in manufacturing electrical and lighting products. With a wide range of switches, plugs, sockets, and accessories, JELUZ stands out for its quality, innovation, and modern design, becoming a popular choice for residential and commercial projects.
  • KANJI: KANJI is an appliance brand known for offering a wide variety of products for the home, from small appliances such as blenders and toasters to large appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. With a reputation for quality and durability, KANJI has earned the trust of consumers in the appliance market.
  • PARDO: PARDO is a recognized Argentine brand for its line of home products, including furniture, decoration, and accessories. With a focus on modern and functional design, PARDO offers a wide variety of options for decorating and equipping the home, from sofas and tables to lamps and textiles, meeting the lifestyle needs of its customers.

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