Junior 2024 jersey. Create jersey with your name and number.

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Details of the Junior 2024 Adidas  jersey

The Junior 2024 Adidas jersey, according to the brand, represents a fusion of elegance, tradition, and modernity, aiming to capture the distinctive essence of the team's home jersey that has always characterized it. White is the base color alongside thin red stripes throughout the front and at the bottom of the back. The sleeves are entirely red, and the brand stripes on the shoulders are in blue, just like the Adidas logo and the numbers.

The jersey is available for purchase at the official Adidas Colombia online store, where customization is also available so you can buy the jersey with your name and number or with that of your favorite Millonarios player.

Regarding sponsors, on the front, we have the beer brand "AGUILA," the betting site "WPLAY.CO," the retail chain "OLIMPICA," "GRIPAC," and the company "TECNOGLASS." On the back, we have the telecommunications service provider "TIGO" at the top and the money transfer company "SUPERGIROS" at the bottom.

About the sponsors:

  • AGUILA: Águila is a renowned beer brand originating from Colombia. Founded in 1913, it is one of the most popular and consumed beers in the country. With a wide variety of styles, Águila has become a symbol of celebration and togetherness in Colombia.
  • WPLAY.CO: WPLAY.CO is a leading online betting platform in Colombia. It offers a wide variety of options for betting on sports, casino games, and other online events. With a user-friendly interface and high security standards, WPLAY.CO is the preferred choice of many players in the country.
  • OLIMPICA: Olimpica is a chain of supermarkets and convenience stores in Colombia. With a widespread presence throughout the country, Olimpica offers a variety of high-quality products at competitive prices, including groceries, beverages, household products, and more.
  • GRIPAC: GRIPAC is a recognized brand for its soft capsules, specially designed for various pharmaceutical and supplementary uses. Its soft capsules are known for their quality, ease of ingestion, and rapid dissolution in the body, making them ideal for administering medications and supplements.
  • TECNOGLASS: TECNOGLASS is a Colombian company dedicated to manufacturing high-quality glass and aluminum products. With state-of-the-art technology and a focus on innovation, TECNOGLASS offers a wide range of products including windows, doors, facades, and more, for residential and commercial projects in Colombia and abroad.
  • TIGO: TIGO is a telecommunications company with a presence in various countries in Latin America and Africa. It offers mobile phone, internet, and cable television services, as well as business and connectivity solutions. With a strong infrastructure and a commitment to innovation, TIGO is a leading choice in the telecommunications market.
  • SUPERGIROS: SUPERGIROS is a Colombian company dedicated to providing financial and money transfer services. With a wide network of service points throughout the country, SUPERGIROS facilitates the sending and receiving of money, bill payments, mobile phone recharges, and other financial services quickly and securely.

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