Millonarios FC 2024 jersey. Create jersey with your name and number.

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Details of the Millonarios FC 2024 Adidas  jersey

The Adidas Millonarios 2024 jersey is dark blue with golden details on the shoulder stripes, waistband, and numbers. On the front, it features a hexagonal pattern in a lighter blue. The Adidas logo and sponsors are in white.

The jersey is available for purchase at the official Millonarios store ( and at the Adidas Colombia online store, but only the latter offers personalization so you can buy the jersey with your name and number or with your favourite Millonarios player's.

Regarding sponsors, the main one, occupying the central front spot, is the beer "ANDINA". As secondary sponsors, we have the family compensation fund "CAFAM" at the top of the back and the betting site "WPLAY.CO" at the bottom. "Terrawind Global Protection" is located on the left shoulder.

About the sponsors:

  • ANDINA: ANDINA is a craft beer brand originating from Colombia. It is known for using local ingredients and traditional techniques in brewing its beers, giving them a unique and authentic flavour that reflects the culture and spirit of the Andean region.
  • CAFAM: CAFAM is a Colombian non-profit organization that provides health, education, recreation, culture, and social welfare services to its members and their families. With a long history, CAFAM has been known for its commitment to the well-being and integral development of the community.
  • Terrawind Global Protection: Terrawind Global Protection is a company specializing in providing security and protection services globally. It offers comprehensive solutions for the protection of people, property, and assets in diverse environments, including escort services, surveillance, security consultancy, and risk management.

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