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Details of the Newells Old Boys 2024 Aifit  jersey

The AIFIT Newells 2024 soccer jersey maintains the classic format, half red and half black, but with the sleeve colours inverted. At the upper back area, they pay homage to the club's seven titles, six of them (88, 90, 91, 92, 04, 13) represented by stars, while the 1974 championship stands out above the metropolitan trophy obtained by defeating their classic rival. Additionally, inside, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of that title, it features a design of Mario Zanabria celebrating the goal that secured the championship.

The jersey is available for purchase at the official online Newells store ( At the moment, we haven't found the option for customization to buy the jersey with your name and number enabled on the site.

Regarding sponsors, the main one is the betting site "City Center online" located in the central front part. At the upper back area, you can find the "Italian Hospital Rosario," and at the bottom, in a smaller size, there's "Multiled."

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