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Details of the Club Alianza Lima 2024 Nike  shirt

The Nike shirt of Alianza Lima for the year 2024 retains the club's emblematic colours: white with blue stripes on the chest and on the lower back. A distinctive feature is that the stripes have golden lines degrading from bottom to top. The edges of the sleeves and the Nike logo, located to the right of the chest, are highlighted in gold, in symmetry with the club's crest. Additionally, it features a commemorative emblem of the 50 years of the Estadio Alejandro Villanueva beneath the collar.

The numbers and letters are red, with a different typography from the previous year, similar to the one used by the Netherlands in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

As for the sponsors, "Apuesta Total" stands out on the front as the main sponsor, while "Loterías Torito" appears on the sleeves and the South Korean car manufacturer "Hyundai" on the shoulders. At the back, "Bitel" is positioned at the top and "Cristal" beer at the bottom.

About the sponsors:

  • Apuesta Total: The brand "Apuesta Total" is dedicated to the sports betting and online gambling sector. It offers a digital platform where users can place bets on sports events and participate in various casino games. The brand seeks to provide entertainment and opportunities for winnings to its customers, complying with sector regulations and standards.
  • Loterías Torito: Loterías Torito is a brand dedicated to the organization and management of online lottery games. It offers a digital platform where users can participate in draws and purchase tickets for various games of chance. Loterías Torito aims to provide entertainment and the possibility of attractive prizes to its customers, complying with regulations and standards in the betting and gambling sector.
  • Hyundai: Hyundai is a South Korean brand of automobiles and industrial vehicles, founded in 1967. It is globally recognized for the production and commercialization of a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, and buses. Hyundai stands out for offering quality vehicles, innovative design, advanced technology, and good performance, making it one of the leading brands in the automotive industry.
  • Bitel: Bitel is a telecommunications brand that offers mobile phone, internet, and other related services in Peru. It stands out for offering affordable plans and rates, as well as extensive coverage in various areas of the country. Bitel aims to provide quality services at competitive prices, seeking to meet the communication needs of its customers in the Peruvian market.
  • Cristal: "Cristal" beer is a brand produced by the company Backus and Johnston in Peru. It is one of the most recognized and consumed brands in the country. It stands out for its refreshing taste and brewing tradition. Cristal beer offers a variety of presentations and styles to satisfy the tastes of its consumers, becoming a popular choice in the Peruvian market.

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