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Details of the Sao Paulo FC 2024 New Balance  shirt

The official New Balance São Paulo FC 2024 football shirt pays homage to the irreverent phrase “Donde la moneda cae de pie” (Where the coin falls standing up), referring to the victorious and overcoming history of the São Paulo club. With red, white, and black stripes, the piece carries the essence of the Tricolor by taking the place it has always belonged, becoming the "Clube da Fé" (Faith Club), as the inscription under the neck on the back says. It also has a hidden inscription on the reverse of the shirt, which says "Sentimento que jamais acabará!" (Feeling that will never end!), behind the crest.

The shirt is traditionally white, with red, white, and black stripes at chest height. The sleeves are also white, but with the peculiarity of high edges, of different colors, the left one black and the right one red. The collar has a V-cut, white, with two repetitions of the traditional stripe in miniature in front and one in the central part of the back.

The official numbers are black, with a double border, white and red on the outside, they have the New Balance logo in white at the bottom. The letters are also black and are located below the main sponsor, SuperBet, the largest sports betting operator in Romania that is now available in Brazil.

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