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Details of the Universitario 2024 Marathon  shirt

The Marathon Universitario 2024 shirt celebrates the U's 100 years, traditionally cream in colour, with maroon details on the cuffs and collar. The front features a watermark-style repetition of the 100-year logo, which is also present on the back beneath the collar and on the numbers. Additionally, beneath its crest, it bears the inscription "CENTENARIO 1924 - 2024" (The letter O is replaced with the U's crest).

The shirt is available for purchase at the official Marathon Peru store, where customization is enabled, so you can buy the shirt with your name and number, or with that of your favourite U player. On the other hand, in the official Universitario store, for some reason unknown to us, we do not see the 2024 shirts available among the hundreds of official U products being sold.

Regarding sponsors, the principal one in the prime frontal spot is the betting site "APUESTA TOTAL". As secondary sponsors on the back, we have the Chinese car brand "JETOUR" and the beer "CRISTAL" in the lower area. Mineral water "SAN CARLOS" also appears twice on the front in a much smaller size, one above the Marathon logo and one above the crest.

About the sponsors:

  • APUESTA TOTAL: Apuesta Total is an entertainment and sports betting company in Peru. It offers an online platform where users can place bets on a wide variety of sporting events, as well as participate in online casino games.
  • JETOUR: Jetour is a Chinese car brand that is part of the Chery Group. The brand focuses on manufacturing SUVs and crossovers with modern designs and advanced technology. Jetour has stood out for offering high-quality vehicles at competitive prices in the Chinese automotive market.
  • CRISTAL: Cristal is a Peruvian beer brand, produced by the company Backus and Johnston. It is a pilsner-style beer, with a refreshing and light taste, very popular in Peru and recognized for its quality and brewing tradition.
  • SAN CARLOS: San Carlos is a brand of natural mineral water from sources in Peru. It is known for its purity and freshness and is a popular choice among consumers looking for healthy and high-quality hydration.

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